Are you an investor looking to acquire web-based or Internet businesses?

We seek Investors and Partners

We seek investors. We seek partners with Internet business experience. We believe that the more experienced brainpower we have on our team, the more successful we will all be.

We look to acquire profitable established Internet businesses with our investors and partners.

– Each investor or partner owns a direct stake in the business that is acquired.

– Each investor or partner assesses and approves the target business prior to its acquisition.

As an investor, you are an active partner in the business. You own a voting stake in the business. You can take part in the management of the business. You receive regular financial statements related to the business.

Return on Investment

We return profits to investors via:

1. Profit-sharing paid out from the operation of the business.

2. When the business is sold, each investor or partner receives their proportional share of the proceeds.

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