Investors Seek to Provide Software & Internet Businesses with $4,000,000 Funding

The capital provider provides up to $4,000,000 in revenue-based financing to software or Internet businesses with over $5M revenues. Business owners can use the funds for growth capital or acquisition financing.

The funding is linked solely to revenues. No other collateral is required.

This is an ideal form of financing for software or Internet companies with no hard assets that traditional lenders require for debt financing.

This funding is perfect for business owners who don’t want to give up equity in their business. The capital provider receives no shares or control in the business.

The capital provider receives a percentage (1% to 4%) of the business gross revenues as a passive investor in the business.

– Business headquartered in North America
– Business with $5M to $25M in revenues
– Business with at least 4 years operating history
– Solid 2- to 5-year growth plan
– Experienced management team to continue to run the business

– Revenue-based financing linked to gross revenues
– Provide each business with up to $4,000,000 in funding
– Ideal for businesses which have no hard assets and little access to traditional debt financing
– The investor receives no shares in the business
– The investor receives no seats on the board of directors
– The investor does not participate in the management of the business
– The investor receives 1% to 4% of gross revenues

Ideal for software or Internet entrepreneurs who expect their businesses to grow exponentially. And do not want to sell equity today at low valuations or give up control to investors.

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Kris Tabetando specializes in mergers & acquisitions of online businesses. He partners with investors to acquire & manage online businesses.

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