Looking to Invest $1,000,000 in Buy/Sell Business Web-Based Platform

Kris Tabetando, principal of VMG, is looking to invest $1,000,000 to acquire a web-based business that is involved in helping business owners buy & sell businesses or raise capital.

Examples of such businesses include businesses-for-sale online marketplaces, news websites, information websites, paid/unpaid subscription websites, portals, forums, or blogs related to buying & selling businesses or raising capital.

All revenues must be generated online from e-commerce or online advertising. No traditional M&A advisory, business brokerage, or consulting businesses that generate offline revenues.

The acquisition target should have the following criteria:

– Established web-based business with at least 4 years of operating history
– Minimum annual profit of $200,000
– Easy to relocate business operations to anywhere in the world
– Owners willing to sell 100% stake in the business
– All revenues must be generated online from e-commerce or online advertising

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Kris Tabetando specializes in mergers & acquisitions of online businesses. He partners with investors to acquire & manage online businesses.

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