180 Capital Pool Companies on Toronto Stock Exchange

The Capital Pool Company (CPC) Program is a public-listing mechanism offered by Toronto Stock Exchange’s Venture Exchange. It enables private companies in Canada to raise capital and go public in a quick and efficient manner.

Three or more experienced directors put up a minimum of the greater of $100,000 or 5% of total funds raised from investors to incorporate and capitalize a shell company (CPC).

The CPC then goes public via an initial public offering (IPO), but with no business trading operations at the time of its IPO. Essentially, it goes from a private shell company to a public shell company.

It then focuses on  acquiring another company, which has commercial operations, through a reverse merger. This is called a Qualifying Transaction and must be completed within 24 months of the private CPC going public.

Once the acquisition is completed, the acquired company becomes a public company itself. It then has access to capital from the public markets.

As such, the CPC Program offers an alternative vehicle for private companies to raise capital and go public.

Here’s a list of all 180 capital pool companies on the TSX Venture Exchange today:

22 Capital Corp.
9 Capital Corp.
A-Labs Capital I Corp.
A-Labs Capital II Corp.
ADL Ventures Inc.
AF1 Capital Corp.
AIM3 Ventures Inc.
AIM4 Ventures Inc.
Allante Resources Ltd.
Alphanco Venture Corp.
Amwolf Capital Corp.
Angus Ventures Inc.
Anquiro Ventures Ltd.
Antera Ventures I Corp.
Antler Hill Mining Ltd.
Apolo II Acquisition Corp.
Apolo III Acquisition Corp.
Arkadia Capital Corp.
Atoro Capital Corp.
Aumento Capital VII Corporation
Auston Capital Corp.
Awale Resources Limited
BB1 Acquisition Corp.
BMGB Capital Corp.
Battery Road Capital Corp.
Big Dougie Capital Corp.
Black Lion Capital Corp.
Bluerock Ventures Corp.
Bluewater Acquisition Corp.
Bold Capital Enterprises Ltd.
Bold Stroke Ventures Inc.
Brockton Ventures Inc.
Buckhaven Capital Corp.
BuzBuz Capital Corp.
Buzz Capital 2 Inc.
Buzz Capital Inc.
CE Brands Inc.
CT Developers Ltd.
Cairo Resources Inc.
Califfi Capital Corp.
Cann-is Capital Corp.
Canna 8 Investment Trust
Caprice Business Development Canada Inc CAPB.P
Capricorn Business Acquisitions Inc.
Cassowary Capital Corporation Limited
Castlebar Capital Corp.
Castlecap Capital Inc.
Chainode Opportunities Corp.
Cherry Street Capital Inc.
China Goldcorp Ltd.
Cinaport Acquisition Corp. III
Cleghorn Minerals Ltd
Cluny Capital Corp.
Collingwood Resources Corp.
Colson Capital Corp.
Connaught Ventures Inc.
Credent Capital Corp.
Crystal Bridge Enterprises Inc.
Cuspis Capital Ltd.
DC Acquisition Corp.
Danacore Industries Inc.
Dataminers Capital Corp.
Datum Ventures Inc.
Discovery One Investment Corp.
Dragonfly Capital Corp
Drummond Ventures Corp.
Dynamo Capital Corp.
ECC Ventures 1 Corp.
ECC Ventures 2 Corp.
Efficacious Elk Capital Corp.
Elephant Hill Capital Inc.
Evermount Ventures Inc.
Exelerate Capital Corp.
Farstarcap Investment Corp.
First Light Capital Corp.
Fitch Street Capital Corp.
Folkstone Capital Corp.
Foremost Ventures Corp.
Fusion Gold Ltd.
Global Investments Capital Corp.
Gold Horn International Enterprises Group
Good2go Corp.
Green Panda Capital Corp.
Green Rise Capital Corporation
Greenlane Renewables Inc.
Greenstone Capital Corp.
Gstaad Capital Corp.
Hampton Bay Capital Inc.
Hanstone Capital Corp.
Hempco Food and Fiber Inc.
High Mountain Capital Corporation
Hoist Capital Corp.
Hope Well Capital Corp.
Huffington Capital Corporation
Inceptus Capital Ltd.
Ironwood Capital Corp.
J55 Capital Corp.
JM Capital II Corp.
Jinhua Capital Corporation
Kapa Capital Inc.
Kelly Ventures Ltd.
Kepler Acquisition Corp.
Kismet Resources Corp.
Leo Acquisitions Corp.
Libby K Industries Inc.
MG Capital Corporation
Madeira Minerals Ltd
Magna Gold Corp.
Magnitude Mining Ltd.
Meteorite Capital Inc.
Mira X Acquisition Corp.
NBS Capital Inc.
Navigator Acquisition Corp.
Navion Capital Inc.
New Global Acreage Resources Ltd.
Nobelium Tech Corp.
Nova Leap Health Corp.
Nubeva Technologies Ltd.
Nurcapital Corporation Ltd.
OV2 Investment 1 Inc.
Ord Mountain Resources Corp.
Orletto Capital II Inc.
Owl Capital Corp.
P Squared Renewables Inc.
PLB Capital Corp.
POCML 5 Inc.
Panorama Capital Corp.
Perihelion Capital Ltd.
Physinorth Acquisition Corporation Inc.
Pinehurst Capital I Inc.
Pinehurst Capital II Inc.
Platform 9 Capital Corp.
Platform Eight Capital Corp.
Plymouth Realty Capital Corp
Ponderous Panda Capital Corp.
Pool Safe Inc.
Quantum Blockchain Technologies Ltd.
Quendale Capital Corp.
RMR Science Technologies Inc.
Rainy Hollow Ventures Inc.
Rebel Capital 2.0 Corp
Rebel Capital Inc.
Red River Capital Corp.
Red Rock Capital Corp.
Richmond Road Capital Corp.
Rider Investment Capital Corp.
Risetech Capital Corp.
Rozdil Capital Corporation
Sanibel Ventures Corp.
Savanna Capital Corp.
Schooner Capital Corp.
Schwabo Capital Corporation
Seashore Resources Partners Corp.
Sherpa II Holdings Corp.
Shooting Star Acquisition Corp.
Skyscape Capital Inc.
Smartset Services Inc.
Spirit Banner Capital Corp.
Spirit Banner II Capital Corp.
Timeless Capital Corp.
Transcontinental Gold Corp.
Tri Capital Opportunities Corp.
Trusted Brand 2016 Inc.
Tudor Gold Corp
USHA Resources Ltd.
Unilock Capital Corp.
Valdy Investments Ltd.
Value Capital Trust
Victory Capital Corp.
Von Capital Corp.
Wangton Capital Corp
Winston Capital Group Inc.
Woden Venture Capital Corporation
Wolf Acquisition Corp.
Woodbridge Ventures Inc.
XAU Resources Inc.
XIB I Capital Corp.
Yongsheng Capital Inc.
Yuntone Capital Corp.
Zidane Capital Corp.


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