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  • Sell Your Game Website making over $250,000 Annual Revenues

    Sell Your Game Website that is making over $250,000 Annual Revenues. A client of our brokerage division is looking to buy game websites which make over $250,000 in revenue per year. The website must have at least 2 years of financials. We brokered the sale of large game websites to this client before. These buyers are […]

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  • We Closed $1,000,000 Funding for $10M Online Furniture Retailer

    We secured $1,000,000 funding for a $10M-revenue online furniture retailer based in California. The owner was seeking growth capital to fund the expansion of this 16-year-old business. The investor’s team and the business owner were very happy with the deal that officially closed today. Are you a business owner seeking financing for your software or Internet business with over $5M […]

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  • Investors Seek to Provide Software & Internet Businesses with $4,000,000 Funding

    The capital provider provides up to $4,000,000 in revenue-based financing to software or Internet businesses with over $5M revenues. Business owners can use the funds for growth capital or acquisition financing. The funding is linked solely to revenues. No other collateral is required. This is an ideal form of financing for software or Internet companies with no […]

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  • Structuring Earnouts in Technology Mergers & Acquisitions Deals

    WHAT IS AN EARNOUT? In technology mergers or acquisitions, an earnout refers to a deal structure in which the buyer pays part of the purchase price of the tech company post-closing if the seller achieves certain goals. These goals may be financial or operational targets. As the name earnout indicates, the seller must “earn” a portion of the […]

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  • 5 Types of Mergers and Acquisitions Transactions

    There are essentially 5 types of mergers and acquisition. Once the appropriate type of M&A is selected, there are virtually an infinite number of ways that the specific deal can be structured. The specific deal structure will be determined by the financial, strategic, and tax objectives of the buyer and seller. 1. Asset Purchase Simplest […]

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  • How to Assess Synergies in a Mergers and Acquisitions Transaction

    The reason for doing any merger or acquisition should be simple. Don’t complicate the basic idea. You don’t need a complex idea to justify your M&A transaction. Keep it simple. Many buyers try to over-complicate the strategy behind an M&A deal because they believe they have to be abnormally clever to be successful. Yes, many businesses […]

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  • Checklist for Performing Business Due Diligence of a Technology Business

    This piece follows the article on the important legal due diligence process you must perform when you intend to acquire a technology company. You can read the preceding article here: Checklist for Performing Legal Due Diligence of a Technology Business. So you’re looking to acquire a technology company. You’ve looked at a number of prospects, identified a suitable candidate, and […]

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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Reverse Mergers of Technology Companies

    A reverse merger is a process in which a privately-held company can go public without the high expense and complexities of a traditional initial public offering (IPO). In a reverse merger, a private company merges with a publicly-listed company. The publicly-traded entity is sometimes a business that failed. Or it may have been formed as a “blind pool company” […]

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  • Checklist for Performing Legal Due Diligence of a Technology Business

    So you’re looking to acquire a technology company. You’ve looked at dozens of prospects, identified a suitable candidate, and both the buyer and seller have executed a letter of intent. Now we get to the due diligence phase. This involves a thorough legal, financial, and strategic review of the company. Due diligence is absolutely essential and […]

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  • History of Internet Mergers & Acquisitions: At Home Corporation acquired Excite Inc. for $6.7 billion in 1999

    Let’s take a walk down memory lane to see how far Internet mergers & acquisitions deals have come. We can learn a great deal from the past because history will repeat itself. I think the most effective way to explore this subject would be to review some of the top Internet deals during the height of the Internet Gold Rush between […]

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