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We’re bringing together Preferred Investors to buy 51% to 100% of profitable online businesses;

We’ll improve the businesses with Investors, and with Sellers as Owner-Managers; and

Sell the businesses within 3 to 5 years for 25% Investor Internal Rate of Return (IRR) through dividends and capital gains.


– Seller will usually retain a percentage ownership and continue to perform certain tasks as a Consultant or Manager.

– Seller will report to a Principal from Internet Investors Group.

– Principal will report to Board of Directors of the Acquisition Corporation (Buyer).

– Board consists of Investors.


– Investor will purchase voting convertible Preferred Shares in a new Acquisition Corporation. It will be formed for the sole purpose of buying, owning, and operating a single Target business.

– Investor will analyze & approve Target before investing in Preferred Shares. To make an informed decision, Investor will receive:

1) Signed Letter of Intent between Principal & Seller. It will summarize the terms of the Target business purchase agreement.

2) Information Memorandum & LBO Analysis. It will provide information on Target and leveraged buyout financial projections.

3) Investor Term Sheet. It will summarize the terms of purchasing Preferred Shares in the Acquisition Corporation.

– Investor will receive regular financial statements related to the business.


We constantly search for new Target businesses.

Contact Us here  to join the private investors group and we will contact Investor when we have a new Target investment opportunity.

Investor will have the right, but not the obligation, to finance an acquisition.

When Investor signs up, we’ll deliver a sample Term Sheet (with investment terms from a past transaction) to the Investor. These past terms will be similar to terms in the next Target transaction.

An updated Term Sheet will be delivered to Investor when Target is found.

Minimum Investment per Investor: Depends on price of Target


The goal is to re-sell the business within 3 to 5 years for a minimum 25% IRR to Investor through dividends and capital gains.

Preferred shareholders have priority over Common shareholders.

Upon the sale of the business, each Preferred Shareholder will receive a sum equal to the greater of either

a) Their original investment plus an amount to give Investor a 25% IRR


b) An amount equal to what Investor would receive if their Preferred shares had been converted to Common shares.

After Preferred shareholders are paid, the remaining proceeds will be paid to Common shareholders.


– We seek established profitable online businesses that fit these criteria:

  • At least 3 years of Financials
  • Minimum Annual Revenues of $500,000
  • All Revenues from e-commerce or online advertising
  • Priced up to $10 million
  • Growing business
  • Good team

– We prefer businesses that sell high-margin intangible proprietary products online to a global market. But we will consider all opportunities.

– We may seek add-on acquisitions to merge with a Target business.


We are not an investment fund. We are not money managers. We are business owner-operators who will actively manage the business we acquire.

We do not invest in startups.