Since 2007, we specialize in providing mergers & acquisitions advisory services to online businesses. We seek debt funding for our investment arm to acquire profitable online businesses.

We regularly search for target profitable businesses. We buy the businesses, and merge, improve, & re-sell them for profit within 3 to 5 years.

We seek debt funding partners we can turn to regularly to fund a portion of our acquisition financing needs.

Loans can be secured against cashflow and business assets such as intellectual property and domain names. We are also open to Convertible Debt and Revenue-based Loans.

We seek to acquire profitable businesses with these criteria:

– At least 3 years of Financials
– Minimum Annual Revenues of $500,000
– Priced up to $10 million
– Sell high-margin intangible proprietary products online
– All Revenues from e-commerce or online advertising
– Growing business
– Has a good team

Contact Us and let us know what type of debt funding you provide, including your funding requirements & terms.