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  • How to Assess Synergies in a Mergers and Acquisitions Transaction

    The reason for doing any merger or acquisition should be simple. Don’t complicate the basic idea. You don’t need a complex idea to justify your M&A transaction. Keep it simple. Many buyers try to over-complicate the strategy behind an M&A deal because they believe they have to be abnormally clever to be successful. Yes, many businesses […]

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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Asset Sale versus Stock Sale

    Every business is unique. Therefore, every merger or acquisition transaction between any 2 or more businesses will inevitably be unique. There are a myriad of ways that any M&A deal can be structured. However, the ultimate objective is simple: To structure a deal that satisfies the objectives of the buyer and seller in a transaction. Of course, […]

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  • Revenue-Based Financing Solutions for Technology Companies

    WHAT IS REVENUE-BASED FINANCING? Revenue-based financing (RBF), also known as royalty-based financing, is a unique form of financing provided by RBF investors to small- to mid-sized businesses in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of a business’ gross revenues. The capital provider receives monthly payments until his invested capital is repaid, along with a multiple of that […]

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